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UMF Manuka Honey

What does the UMF Mānuka honey Number mean?

The grading system that is present on labels refers to the parts per thousand – in this case mg per kg, or the unique signature compounds which are characteristic of Mānuka honey including the key markers of Leptosperin, DHA and Methylglyoxal.

In order for a product to display a UMF grading it must pass quality, grading, and rating tests to ensure that it is of high enough quality and document the amount of these key markers that are present.


As a general rule, the number is represented in a grouping for classification purposes. So, you may see labelling such as ‘Mānuka honey UMF 24 or Mānuka honey UMF 28+’ and this would indicate a similar amount of the key factors. The difference between a Mānuka honey UMF 25 and a Mānuka honey UMF 26 is small, whereas the difference between a Mānuka honey UMF 5 and a Mānuka honey UMF 15 is almost an increase of 3x. This is a ratio-based measure, so whether you have a jar of Mānuka honey UMF 25 500g or 150g, the UMF rating refers to the relative – not net – amounts of key factors per kilo.

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