Mãnuka Honey Sore Throat

When you want natural products to aid in the healing of ailments such as a sore throat, our Mãnuka honey is full of benefits that can support your health. The delicious, sweet flavour of our UMF-certified Mãnuka honey makes it a tasty treat, while its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can boost your immune system.

UMF is the Unique Mãnuka Factor and is a rating given according to the honey’s non-peroxide antibacterial potency. The higher the honey’s UMF number, the more potent health benefits it may provide. If you want to try Mãnuka honey to treat a sore throat, we recommend consuming UMF 15+ or above.

Is Mãnuka Honey Good for Sore Throats?

Mãnuka honey can provide relief from a sore and scratchy throat. Quality products, such as our UMF mono-floral Mãnuka honey, have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial and anti viral properties that can support your immune system and fight against the bacteria causing your sore throat.

Shop Mãnuka Honey Products

You can readily browse our range of Mãnuka honey products and use them to maintain a healthy immunity or in the treatment of ailments such as a sore throat.

  • Our Mãnuka sore throat spray is the perfect product to keep on hand during winter for colds and flu. It contains UMF 15+ Mãnuka honey and propolis, is suitable for use on the entire family and can soothe a painful throat.
  • We individually batch test our UMF 20+ Mãnuka honey to ensure it exceeds government standards so you can relish in the knowledge that our products are full of benefits. Our potent Mãnuka honey can provide medicinal and therapeutic benefits as well as a delicious and rich flavour.
  • When you need to soothe a sore throat or silence a nagging cough on the go, our Lemon and Honey drops are an ideal natural alternative to other lozenges.

For quality and potent Mãnuka honey to soothe a sore throat or help with other ailments, shop our range online and order for delivery in Australia.

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