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Our range or beautiful, natural skin care with UMF 20+ Manuka honey, Manuka oil , Bee venom and royal jelly.

As with any honey and bee bi-product, those with a bee sting allergy should –proceed with caution as allergic reactions in those who are allergic to bee stings can range from mild to severe even with only topical use.

Mānuka honey face cream benefits

Moisturizer - A Mānuka honey moisturising face cream will likely have some other ingredients in it to help with the moisturising effect, ingredients like shea butter, cetearyl olivate (derived from olive oil), Macadamia seed oil, and Vitamin E.

Acne treatment – one of the most interesting aspects of manuka honey is the way it interacts with bacteria. Not only is it anti-bacterial, but there is also some evidence to suggest that it is also bacterial resistant – which means that bacteria are less able to build up a tolerance to the anti-bacterial effect of manuka honey. This means that you can continue to use it long term. This is great for acne sufferers as it directly combats one of the main causes of chronic acne – bacterial activity in the pores. Additionally, a moisturising manuka honey face cream will be able to do double duty – helping to minimise acne while maintaining adequate moisturization without clogging pores with heavy oils.

Manuka honey face cream combines the power of manuka honey with the benefits of other ingredients to really capitalize on the properties manuka honey is known for. The best manuka honey face cream is really the one which suits your skins needs the most. There are options for day and night creams, as well as general lotions and more specific skincare needs.

Mānuka honey bee venom face cream

The benefits of bee venom face cream with active Mānuka honey include hydrating, anti-ageing moisturizing, and an intense treatment that can be used as a day or night cream. If you are looking for a Mānuka honey face cream, New Zealand is a great place to be because we are closest to the source! Manuka honey is a mono-floral honey from the manuka tree found natively in NZ.

Are there other Mānuka honey face cream blends?

Yes! You can often find lanolin face cream, collagen, and Mānuka honey blends as well as many other combinations. One thing to keep in mind when looking for Mānuka honey face cream blends, is that you should double check that the manuka honey content is genuine – this can be done though finding the UMF logo on the label.

It is also vital when you purchase your Mānuka honey face cream review the ingredients especially if you are looking for purely natural ingredients.

Should I make my own Mānuka honey face cream recipe?

This depends largely on what kind of blend you are hoping to make. Keep in mind that while it is possible to make your own at home there are risks associated with it.

For one, if not stored perfectly homemade honey skincare can go solid, crack, or introduce food bacteria to your skin when combined with other ingredients like yogurt and oils. Furthermore, many of these homemade recipes require you to bring the honey to a higher temperature to help mix the ingredients which can be messy – and dangerous as the sugars in honey can get to high temperatures and cause burns.

Does Honey and the Bee ship Mānuka honey and face cream overseas, Australia for example?

Yes! Our international shipping option includes Australia. See the shipping and delivery portion of the website for more details and pricing.

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