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Pure Manuka oil

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Why Choose ManukaRx Pure Manuka Oil?

This 100% pure East Cape Manuka essential oil works with the body to assist its natural healing ability. It’s stronger than tea tree oil, and is known to help prevent acne and many minor skin irritations.

But what makes this bottle so special is how the oil inside is made.

  • Green leaves and twigs from specific trees in the East Cape region provide optimal  health properties
  • Carefully selected and hand-cut in a sustainable manner
  • Low temperature steam distillation ensures potent enzymes stay in tact
  • Distillation process uses water from local springs
  • No chemicals – ever!

Rest assured: ManukaRx™ is committed to manufacturing products from only sustainable sources and without chemicals.

One Powerful Oil – Several Applications

This versatile essential oil can either be diluted or used straight out of the bottle to help with a variety of conditions.

Here are just a few options

  1. Add a few drops to lotion, shampoo, or moisturiser.
  2. Fill the bathtub with hot water and 15 drops of Manuka essential oil.
  3. Pour boiling water into a bowl and add 10 drops of Manuka oil. Inhale the vapours.
  4. Massage onto tired muscles.
  5. Apply directly to troubled skin.

This is one powerful oil with dozens of applications. Natural healing power with centuries of experience behind it

That's what makes this pure Manuka oil a perfect staple addition to any home first aid kit.


20 mls of 100% East Cape Manuka Oil

Caution: Although our Manuka products and essential oils have been shown through practical use to be very compatible with most skin types it is recommended that people with especially sensitive skin first try the product on a small area before using more widely.

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